Grantland Quarterly

I contributed this illustration to Grantland 2. The story was about the end of the border war between the University of Kansas and Mizzou.

Gig Poster
The Bishop

The Bishop, a local bar in Bloomington, asked me to do an illustration for a gig poster about an upcoming show line-up.

The Onion

These three illustrations were for America's Finest News Source. A beaver dam full of dead bodies. A coal-powered wind farm. And a sports field containing every sport. Only The Onion could cook up that completely random series of illustrations. All of these are part of The Onion's Book of Known Knowledge, which is set to drop sometime in October.

Editorial Icons
Indianapolis Monthly

I did a series of icons for Indianapolis Monthly’s Future Issue. The guy in there is Scott Jones, the inventor of voice mail and ChaCha. He predicted the future, so they used the icon whenever he wanted to throw his two cents into a story. The Delorean didn’t actually get used.


I was commissioned to do a series of icons for the Medical Imaging Technology Association for use in infographics to lobby for more money on Capitol Hill.

Indianapolis Icons

A series of icons representing Indianapolis landmarks for a bike map of the Circle City.

CJ Lotz

I created these icons for a friend's online portfolio.

The Hartford Courant

Illustration for the front of the Hartford Courant's CAL entertainment section.

Promo Posters
Travel Courses

The IU School of Journalism sends students on spring break and summer trips to six of seven continents. I illustrated these posters as part of a series showing all of the school’s travel programs. Having spent a summer in Florence, the Italy poster is close to my heart.

For Fun
Ray Gun

Why not end on a ray gun for fun?