General Assembly
Web Development Immersive Class

Meet the stars

I took a 9 week immersive web development class to learn how to build web apps. Adrian Bautista and I built this site to feature our class and the projecs we worked on. (Photos by Zach Hetrick)

Comedy Hack Day
Lobbyists From Last Night

My first week in New York I attended the first ever Comedy Hack Day, joined a team, and helped build a web app to keep track of your politicians fundraising schedules. Pop in your zipcode, find your lawmakers, and ask they why you weren't invited to the party. Pics or it didn't happen.

General Assembly
Subway Helper

Subway Entrances

This little Rails app takes all the subway entrances in NYC (1904 in all) and plots them on a Google map. The map is linked up to full text search, so you can search for a street or a line to find all the entrances near you.

General Assembly

As an excercise in my web development class, we created this Rails app called datesr, a dating site for hipsters. You can sign-up, log-in, connect with potential "mehs," and send in-app messages.